This poster contains many internal messages to reinforce the Mao Quotation used as the principle slogan.

Soldiers book: Selected works of Mao Zedong;

Woman's book: Quotations of Mao Zedong;

Man's book: Laws of the Chinese Communist Party;

Banner, left: Long Live the great leader Chairman Mao! Stride forward triumphantly along Chairman Mao's path for building the Party;

Banner, right: Enthusiastically celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of China's great, glorious and correctly acting Communist Party!


The 'new things' pictured here heavily feature rusticated educated youths as working in the countryside, as barefoot doctors and as students of Mao Thought. They are pictured alongside workers, intellectuals, soldiers and a revolutionary opera character all firmly behind the cultural revolution. The opera heroine is symbolic of that revolution and the image also contains both a gun and a pen as weapons of the struggle. The imagery of fresh flowers is repeated in the red flower worn by the young woman in the centre, the badge of honour given to those who exceled in their work and commitment to the revolution. More women than men appear in the scene, and the woman in the foreground is praised by being shown holding a red book. Yet it is the male worker who is the strongest, largest amongst them and wields the propaganda brush.




Each entry includes a caption showing our translation of the original Chinese slogan. This is provided as a courtesy and whilst we aim for accuracy discrepancies may occur and alternative choices of words and grammar are always possible. If the precision of the translation is important to you we can provide on request the original Chinese characters where possible.

Each entry also includes the pinyin of the artists names that appear on the poster itself. Again we make every effort for accuracy but mistakes may occur.

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