This is the first in a series of educational posters designed to avoid nuclear war from the sky.



In this instance the 'victory for China' is not against Japan or another invading force but rather the victory of improved agriculture, industry and technology.


Mao made Dazhai 大寨 a National Model for Agriculture in 1964. Dazhai in Shanxi Province was a commune celebrated as having turned unproductive areas into productive land through hard work and self-reliance. By the 1970's all rural areas were exhorted to follow Dazhai's example, with the slogan 农业学大寨 In agriculture, learn from Dazhai. In the 1980's it was revealed that rather than pure manpower, the extensive earthworks and terracing at Dazhai was acheived with the help of the PLA and heavy machinery.



Each entry includes a caption showing our translation of the original Chinese slogan. This is provided as a courtesy and whilst we aim for accuracy discrepancies may occur and alternative choices of words and grammar are always possible. If the precision of the translation is important to you we can provide on request the original Chinese characters where possible.

Each entry also includes the pinyin of the artists names that appear on the poster itself. Again we make every effort for accuracy but mistakes may occur.

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